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Delicious Drama Links Roundup

WIP. Links to discussion about nu!delicious fail, alternative bookmarking options (pinboard & diigo), and bookmarking in fandom.

Bookmarking Sites:
Pinboard (fandom friendly, fee based)
Diigo (NOT fandom friendly [censorship & erroneous marking-as-spam on fan accounts have been reported], limits on tags [5,000], bookmark note text, tag limit) (Delicious Fandom group on diigo.)

Some alternatives I haven't tried can be found here: (thanks pinboard!)
Google Bookmarks
Mr. Wong {PAID}
A lot of bookmarking sites were researched and reviewed for fandom usage in December 2010 at this [ profile] merlinkinkmeme post: Delicious discussion forum

User Migration Tracking:
Delicious → Pinboard username mapper

The Great Delicious Migration Spreadsheet

More Linkspam:
[personal profile] acari: New Delicious sucks stack. "what it says on the tin, using stack functionality for evil (griping, shouting, helpful links)" (and connected post using technology for evil)

In the comm [ profile] deliciouslymad: Link roundups by [ profile] murklins. "Since we can't use Delicious to track relevant links anymore, have a couple link roundups on the topic of new Delicious."

[personal profile] lian: quick'n'dirty delicious linkspam

[personal profile] somnolentblue: Geekery and Randomness, Links, Delicious

[ profile] ursamajor: Delicious No More stack. "The new Delicious debuted today. So far, it is missing just about everything that made the old Delicious a cornerstone of my workflow. It seems they've had to rebuild everything from the ground up, and given just how much is missing from this first alpha (especially the social and crowdsourcing aspects), they have a rough road ahead."

User Reactions & Discussions on LJ/DW:
AO3 news: Delicious fail and the Archive of Our Own. (and at OTW here) "As the majority of fans have already noticed, AVOS, the new owners of delicious, launched the new version of the site today. Fans have also been quick to point out that the new site has lost a substantial amount of functionality, including some features particularly heavily used by fans, such as tags with a / in them, tag subscriptions, and networks. The new site is also incompatible with the scripts used by many fannish newsletter compilers...However, in the wake of all this, many fans are looking for a new fannish bookmarking service. Right now, the Archive of Our Own doesn't have enough features to provide a delicious replacement, but we wanted to let you know what we do have and what we have planned for the future."

In the comm [ profile] deliciouslymad: oh my god by [ profile] catechism

In the comm [ profile] kirkspock: New Delicious Layout

[personal profile] anatsuno: Pinboard feature request - wishlist!. "Hey guys, so, Maciej, the bookmarking service founder/owner, asked fandom this morning if we'd be willing to create a central repository of our feature requests. So I've created a public GDoc that anyone with the link can access and edit" (Pinboard Features Requests)

[ profile] antennapedia: The new Delicious. Oh dear. "Woo. The new Delicious is live and I'm thinking it's a functional failure. Going by @delicious mentions on twitter this morning, I'm not alone in thinking this."

[ profile] blue_meridian Delicious Changes (or Implosion, take your pick) and Diigo Censorship Heads Up & Delicious Migration Spreadsheet

[ profile] bookshop: delicious, Delicious v/s Diigo v/s Pinboard, Social bookmarking updates

[personal profile] brownbetty: Just glad I already exported my bookmarks. "This post is for swearing about the revamped delicious." ; PSA: Recover your delicious bookmarks even if you've been deleted. "Emergency Delicious bookmark recovery technique"

[ profile] christycorr: Yet another Delicious post

[ profile] city_of_words: Subscriptions on Pinboard, or as close as I've managed to get...

[ profile] copperbadge: Oh and btw, before I leave, I'd like to congratulate Avos on buying Delicious, a website that Yahoo was going to kill, and then overnight turning it into something that nobody wants to use anyway.

[ profile] cupidsbow: Delicious fuckery and Diigo again, Delicious rant cont: And another thing..., The news of delicious today

[ profile] damalur: dear avos, re: delicious

[ profile] dossier: JHFC and boosting the signal: there's a way to get those bookmarks, still

[personal profile] facetofcathy: Delicious, how it works, how it doesn't

[personal profile] fanficforensics: On (not) moving to Diigo after #deliciousfail and No, wait. I really do want a bookmarking service of our own now

[community profile] girlgay: Femslash Delicious Recs?. "I know a fair number of people (including me) who subscribed to the femslash tag at Delicious to keep track of everyone's recs. Have we had some sort of femslash hive mind decision about where to move that to, if anywhere? I don't want to lose sight of everyone else's femslash recs, nor lose an easy way of sharing mine."

[ profile] hermitsoul some whining and some contemplating. This is an excellent comparison of diigo and pinboard from December 2010.

[personal profile] impertinence: Delicious "is broken, long live Delicious. I emailed them all "so are you going to fix this or what" but I'd be surprised if they fixed the "/" functionality."

[personal profile] jennyst: Delicious "Fannish infrastructure like Delicious that relies on the goodwill of disinterested (or anti-fannish) parties such as AVOS or Yahoo is generally problematic - it's great to have free stuff while it's working, but it does leave us vulnerable. The OTW mission of preservation & access aims to help us in this sort of situation, but we don't yet have a full solution for all the things Delicious does."

[ profile] jerakeen: I don't know what to do and Deep Breaths

[personal profile] julia_beck: Oh Delicious No. "But looking ahead: Do you think that a comprehensive bookmarking service from fans for fans, tailored to our needs even better than the old delicious, is something you a) would want b) would support c) can see happening?"

[personal profile] kaigou: What's On Your Wishlist? "I've been watching the spiraling storms of raeg around and its utter fail, and there seem to be about six different places that people are randomly congregating about possibly doing a fandom version. Consider this a welcoming home if you want to link/share for all suggestions in one place."

[personal profile] katikat: Well, fudge!

[ profile] kronos999: AVOS!Delicious: The Good, The Bad & The Future

[personal profile] lurksnomore: So, am working on the whole delicious-has-changed-stuff-they-shouldn't-have thing, and this is sort of a live report of the test. Because I am tired enough that I need to keep my observations in one place.

[personal profile] musesfool: so desolate that no one where we're from would ever come

[ profile] rageprufrock & [ profile] mklutz: /report! and sadness, and anger (emergency podcast)

[ profile] snowdarkred: hi! a post about the delicious situation

[personal profile] somnolentblue: UGH AVOS NO. "I used delicious to keep bitesized navigable; there are over three thousand bookmarks (plus a whole bunch at the kinkmeme delicious), a bajillion tags, and a whole bunch of bundles. Bundles no longer work (I tested a direct link). Stacks? A stack is a collection of links built around a common theme. To get started, visit the stack tab on your profile page and click “create stack.” Choose at least three links, add juicy descriptions, pick the best images, choose the layout, and shuffle the order of links. When you’re all set, click publish to share your Delicious stack. To me, that sounds like a completely different functionality aim, more curatorial than search-filtering. (To say nothing of the manual component.) Also? Key functionality, like editing and renaming tags, is apparently gone."

[ profile] sophia_sol: NOOOOOOO and More on the Delicious kerfuffle

[personal profile] ursamajor: RIP, Delicious: Where do we go from here? and deconstructing bug 210

[personal profile] vickyblueeyez: Delicious Bookmarks have changed and I hate it. and Delicious Stuff

A few tumblr posts:
celluloidfloozy: The Letter I Have Written to The Delicious Feedback and Complaints Department. "I’ve had a chance to have a bit of a poke around the new site and there’s a few things I’ve noticed that have basically erased all the things I actually use delicious for...I’m really pleased you guys bought the site and it didn’t vanish, and that you’re going to be maintaining it and growing it, but without these features which formed my entire usage of delicious, it’s basically useless to me. So it might as well have gone under."

mattlingard: Delicious fail

spiritsflame: Personally, I love the new Delicious. Really. "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Delicious. I really appreciate the way that you have taken a user friendly, helpful and extremely useful tool and turned it into a convoluted mess that is nearly incomprehensible."

Reactions outside of fandom:
Dan Dascalescu's wiki: Hey AVOS, the new sucks. Excellent summation of all the problems with the new delicious.

New Delicious is a Bitter Disappointment by Marshall Kirkpatrick: "Unfortunately, a lot of the best parts of the old site have been lost."

Oh, Delicious — where did it all go so wrong? by Bobbie Johnson. "When you’re rebuilding or redesigning, you have a legacy to maintain. Yes, that can be a pain — but what else was AVOS buying if it wasn’t the brand and the user base of the site, and the data that they’ve put into it? It clearly wasn’t the technology, which was the first thing to get thrown out the door."

Official Delicious/AVOS information:
Building Stacks on Check out some excellent comments.

Delicious on Facebook

Delicious on Twitter

AVOS Blog posts: A New Flavor…Still Delicious & The First 20 Hours

delicious beta status blog: "Welcome to the Delicious Beta Status blog. During the beta period, this page will serve as the primary source for engineering team updates on migration issues, bugs we're fixing, and feedback we're receiving from the community."

Delicious Relaunches: Exclusive Q&A With CEO Chad Hurley

YouTube Founders Revamping a Site for Link Sharing by Jenna Wortham (nytimes article/interview)

[identity profile] 2011-09-29 12:32 am (UTC)(link)

Ah, bugger.... I deleted my original response to add to the bottom. Sorry about the mix-up.

*nudges* You've been busy, busy, busy...! Thanks for all the links, etc. :)

On a note for recommendations for Delicious alternatives, I would argue against Google bookmarks, unless you're just doing a basic save with a couple of tags. Anything more intensive is lost on the site. :\ Unless the service has changed since February... I played with it for about 2 months & gave it up as inadequate for my needs.

Oh... and I decided to bite the bullet & join Pinboard (username = shibela \o/). :P I figure at this point, I've got 37 bookmarks from Delicious that I'll have to add "by hand", but it's better than the alternative of importing my bookmarks from there right now as they've managed to break up my most import tags, thus rendering them useless.

[identity profile] 2011-09-29 02:58 am (UTC)(link)

They did...but then so did Pinboard on the import. :\ However, I'm coming close to having it all fixed up....erm, sort of close -- I only have some 480 or so to do by hand before I can do the mass re-naming API route again. LOL! The thing is is that I'm able to do something about it. \o/ And I might still end up changing the cursed word count tags later on as I figure out exactly what I want to do with them. But...they'll be easier to change by that point than what I'm dealing with currently.

[identity profile] 2011-09-30 04:06 am (UTC)(link)

I kept putting off changing my commas because I couldn't make up my mind how I wanted it to "look." /o\ But.... it's all changed now at Pinboard. *happy dances*

I just found a new love for Pinboard, too.... You know how I'll list alternate links for my bookmarks if I know / find them? Well, they are actually "live" links in the Notes section of the bookmarks on Pinboard. I'm sure you're already aware of this but... That is sooo cool! :D Well, that & the fact that re-naming my tags was practically a zen experience... *snorts* (So much easier than Diigo!!)

Right now, Delicious is being all finicky with page-loading--lots of 502 errors. :P And the API for re-naming tags didn't work when I tried it the other night (while I was zenning out at Pinboard w/ the re-naming).

[identity profile] 2011-09-30 03:59 pm (UTC)(link)

It's an API & is pretty easy to use. What I did was I had one tab (Firefox is my browser) open to my pinboard page (although for the word counts, I ended up writing down the numbers I was changing because flipping back & forth was irritating after the first 5 times :D), and then I had another tab open for the renaming.

The API "code" that you put into your address bar is:

The first time you do this (per 'session', I think), it will ask for your Pinboard username & password, and then it's all easy-peasy -- except for the typing of the old tags & new tags, but still.... It works pretty fast -- you can search the new tag w/ results within minutes of the change, although, it may take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour for your tag list to reflect the changes.

[identity profile] 2011-09-29 02:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks for the links--and fyi this has officially convinced to me to get a pingboard account--I will probably shortly be stalking you there :)

[identity profile] 2011-09-29 03:26 pm (UTC)(link)
I got lucky--I'm snowrose over there as well! I guess I was also lucky? (in that I only have about 50 bookmarks to re-save) since I last exported my bookmarks from delicious again about a week ago.

And you know what? Pinboard is alright. Especially when I think the most useful thing I can do with Delicious right now is delete my account.

[identity profile] 2011-09-29 04:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah--I probably won't delete my delicious account either. At least not yet.

And tag bundles would be very nice in Pinboard. But I would really love the option of the "other people who have saved this bookmark." You can find some really cool people that way :)

[identity profile] 2011-09-29 05:57 pm (UTC)(link)
OMG thank you--I think I love you!

Also, extrapolating from that I have found the url to look up a url (although I can't find a direct link on pinboard, wtf pinboard?)