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delicious and pinboard

Still really not liking the new delicious. I do have to say that after doing some bookmarks yesterday there (for the first time since right after the new site came up), they have made some good fixes to the interface (Yay tag auto-completion). It's just that it's still inferior to the previous incarnation.

I really miss the old network view. Are they ever bringing that back? I don't think they've answered that.

Bundles are back, but last I checked the site couldn't handle my larger bundles (like the Stargate bundle, which possibly has several hundred tags for fandom-specific pairings, genres and fic series) and it just never loads.

I'm really liking pinboard more and more. Sadly, the site was down for a few minutes. But how can you get upset, when if you click on Maciej's twitter, you're seeing real-time commentary on him working to get it up and running (he and Linux are "going to have to have a little chat"). Also, he had a temporary page up with the text "Pinboard is Down. We are working to fix things. Please check our Twitter account (@Pinboard) for the latest status updates." and a picture of boxer being knocked out by Ali. :D

Also, there are some new opt-in privacy settings to both "Let people see if I subscribe to them" and "Let other people see my entire network." You can see my network, if you're interested in how it looks, here:

I can't wait to see what pinboard rolls out next!

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Me neither! What I really appreciate is how little time we've had to wait for all the requested changes to be implemented. I honestly was prepared to wait a few months for even one of the voted-for items to be implemented in Pinboard...we barely had to wait a week. Pretty amazing, wot?

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I went over to delicious to check it out when they anounced they brought tag bundles back. I am just a bit slow or doesn't 'tag bundles' mean what it just to: when I click on a tag bundle it doesn't show all the tags I had in but therefor all the links associated with the tags I have in the tag bundles. What a weird concept. I need tag bundles to organize my tags in the first place and not for showing me the links. What a weird place over there. Still so sad about the debacle but I am in love with pinboard. It's still not perfect but the service is!

[personal profile] whatever1111 2012-05-12 08:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Meh. I don't feel sorry for Maciej. He's getting paid for users. No one's using him for free. He's making money and apparently not really adding assistance that would make running his business/site easier on him and more fair on his paying users. Sounds like he's just being a penny pinching miser.

[personal profile] whatever1111 2012-05-12 09:24 pm (UTC)(link)
I haven't bothered with Pinboard because I, like a lot of other people, have asked for bundles and gotten a silly response directly from Maciej of, "Oh well you know it's not money that can make me implement bundles faster, it's time."

Earlier in the game, before the Delicious we all grew to love bit the dust, Pinboard had a FAQ about why you should or shouldn't use his site. The bundle thing was in there under the "why you shouldn't use Pinboard." After more and more people started migrating and as the death bell rang out for Delicious, then Pinboard took the "Why you shouldn't" part down all together and he hinted at hooking up bundles. The requests for bundles have been rolling in for over a year now at Pinboard and the same answers comes out. Not enough time? Really?

In Pinboard, all I see is another site that does - inevitably, what my browser and a flash drive can do - for free. I see a site that is run apparently by one dude who is micromanaging everything to "keep costs down ..." - which I suppose is understandable from some useful business advantage - but it also indicates that there's a lack willingness to hire even a little help to manage something that is growing pretty fast - all with annual payments. Not really a very appealing reason to buy in to me yet. I'd love bundles and will pay for them - but am not holding my breath either. Also am not going to AVVO out of fear of the Google world take over. >_

[personal profile] whatever1111 2012-05-16 09:38 am (UTC)(link)
Hey - Yea I don't mind the legwork. I run backups every week as it is ... as everyone really should do this task anyway. ;)

Can't say I actually made any friends with networking bookmarks. I had one tragedy unfold as one of my friends who I used to follow passed away in 05. We'd been on Delicious since the beginning and all I wanted to do was save her links ... but Delicious was unwilling to help me rescue them.

The thing I liked about online bookmarks was the ease of access anywhere a computer was. I am a very efficient/organized person so for my gazillion bookmarks now - I keep them stored in folders on my browser and back them up every week. If I know I'm going to travel then I always take a flash drive with me of projects I'm working on anyway so I add my bookmarks to it - in case I need them. It works. Not gonna lie though. I will say as soon as someone that isn't nefarious devises bundles/folders again - I don't care who, I'll pony up the cash. Till then I can run it on my own.

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