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Some people find DW promotion obnoxious, but in light of the frequent (dis)improvements and changes to LJ, I thought I'd let people know that DW account creation is free through the rest of the year.

From their news post:
Open account creation

Earlier this year, we decided to try out a "no invite codes needed" week to see whether we could do it semi-regularly and still keep the same level of service (and of spam protection) that the invite codes let us stick with. The results were pretty good, so we've decided to try it again, and for a little longer this time!

For the rest of the year, creating a Dreamwidth account will not require an invite code: just visit the Create an Account page.

We do reserve the right to switch invite codes back on if open account creation is causing problems -- invite codes let us carefully balance the site's resources and keep spammers from overrunning the site -- but with luck, that shouldn't be a problem.

Basically I'm on LJ for the comms and people. I'll stay for the comms & people, though if anyone knows any great DW comms (particularly fic search & rec comms), please let me know!
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also, happy new year! and hope you had a good holiday season!

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if anyone knows any great DW comms (particularly fic search & rec comms), please let me know!

Very belatedly, you know about the [community profile] fancake (multifandom themed recs) and [community profile] kink_finders (multifandom fic finding themed by (often narrative) kink) DW comms, right?