May. 4th, 2012

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Tagged by [personal profile] ericadawn16. She had two sets of questions, so I copied those. I struck through the stuff I'm too lazy to do, like tagging other people or adding more questions.
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1. Pick up the closest book, turn to page 42 and write the first sentence that you come across.
"When decorating a nursery, a good first step is to pick a theme, style, or color scheme." (God, this is depressing)
2. How did you get come to join LiveJournal?
I found LJ by following authors I like, then in searching for new stories discovered fic search comms (which are great for recs). Finally decided to join up to comment on comms and track stories.
3. Favourite place to go, and why.
I love going to the movies, or long walks in the neighborhood with hubby after work.
4. Your life is a movie - what album is your soundtrack?
Is it sad that I don't listen to albums/music enough to be able to answer that? If we go by CDs in my car, I guess I'd have to say the first Gorillaz album?
5. What’s one place that you’d like to travel to?
If money was no limit, a tour of Europe.
6. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An artist.
7. What do you consider as your greatest achievement to date?
Clawing my way out of the depths of depression.
8. What is your highest played song?
Not really applicable, since I don't listen to music much. I do play a Gorillaz CD in the car a lot, also I really like "If I Had You" by Adam Lambert.
9. Are there any books you’d like to see adapted into films?
IDK, I was recently having a conversation about how it'd be cool in 20 years (after George Lucas is gone), if they rebooted the Star Wars series AND not only redid the originally series, but then followed it up with film adaptations of Timothy Zahn's trilogy sequel.
10. If you could recommend/force everyone to watch one tv show/film, what would it be?
Star Trek: Original Series

1. Pick up the closest book, turn to page 42 and write the first sentence that you come across.
See above
2. What was the first death you cried over, including celebrities and fictional people?
I'd have to have a good enough memory to know this...probably a Disney movie...maybe the mother in Bambi or the dog in Old Yeller? Both were pretty traumatizing.
3. What is your thoughts on Transformers?
The crappy movies or the 80s cartoons or the many subsequent revamp cartoons? Well, obviously I thought the movies were pretty crappy; the first one was dumb yet mildly entertaining, but I had no interest in the sequels. I really liked the 80s cartoons, and loved playing with my brother's toys. Didn't really watch any of the rest of the cartoons.
4. Favourite place to go, and why.
see above
5. What is your highest played song?
see above
6. Who is your favorite mythological figure?
IDK, most mythological figures are pretty jerky (at least in the Greek pantheon...and the Norse pantheon), or maybe I'm just familiar with the jerky ones? So, none?
7. Do Yetis exist?
Um, NO. Duh.
8. Who's your favorite villain?
9. What's your favorite plot twist ever?
I liked the one in Sixth Sense and the one in Psycho is pretty classic. There's probably others, but I'm blanking.
10. Which Hogwarts house would you want to be in?
Either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.
11. What's your morning routine?
Get up, race through bathroom, throw clothes on, drive hubby to work (since his car was stolen last month), hang out there 30 minutes eating a bagel and surfing internet, drive to work, slap on lipstick and eyeshadow after parking, walk across campus to work.

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