Jul. 17th, 2012

jenna_marianne: (Squinty Kitty)
Well, I'm back at home (have been since Sunday) after my adventures in Arizona helping with things after an in-law's death.

Things were really intense, but I feel like we really helped out by being there while arrangements were made, and helping sort paperwork and the apartment out.

We also visited with the extended family for a bit. It was a whirl-wind tour. My hubby is having an ear problem (actually seeing the specialist for that today), so we had to drive there. Such a long drive, especially going there when we did it in one long trip (~13 hours); coming home we cut it in half, so much better.

It was incredibly hot. No surprise, it being Arizona in July, but we highs of over 110*F almost every day we were there. Being accustomed to a more moderate climate (averaging in the 70s), it was astonishingly hot. You know it's been hot when you're super relieved to hear the forecaster saying it'll be a high of 104* that day.

Once home, we did some laundry and vegged out. Watched Moonrise Kingdom and it was really fun, totally worth seeing in the theaters.

Then I sat down at my laptop with a bowl of cereal Sunday morning, and SPLASHED MILK INTO THE KEYBOARD! Yikes! It seemed to have fried out the modem, part of the keyboard, and who knows what else. Thankfully, hubby is like having a built-in tech support center. He took it all apart, cleaned it up, inspected it, reattached everything and it's working again! Seriously, no more cereal near the laptop! That's how I destroyed the charger on my last one a couple years ago. :P

Back at work, wishing I was on a vacation-vacation.

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