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jenna_marianne ([personal profile] jenna_marianne) wrote2011-10-15 08:02 pm
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delicious and pinboard

Still really not liking the new delicious. I do have to say that after doing some bookmarks yesterday there (for the first time since right after the new site came up), they have made some good fixes to the interface (Yay tag auto-completion). It's just that it's still inferior to the previous incarnation.

I really miss the old network view. Are they ever bringing that back? I don't think they've answered that.

Bundles are back, but last I checked the site couldn't handle my larger bundles (like the Stargate bundle, which possibly has several hundred tags for fandom-specific pairings, genres and fic series) and it just never loads.

I'm really liking pinboard more and more. Sadly, the site was down for a few minutes. But how can you get upset, when if you click on Maciej's twitter, you're seeing real-time commentary on him working to get it up and running (he and Linux are "going to have to have a little chat"). Also, he had a temporary page up with the text "Pinboard is Down. We are working to fix things. Please check our Twitter account (@Pinboard) for the latest status updates." and a picture of boxer being knocked out by Ali. :D

Also, there are some new opt-in privacy settings to both "Let people see if I subscribe to them" and "Let other people see my entire network." You can see my network, if you're interested in how it looks, here:

I can't wait to see what pinboard rolls out next!

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