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jenna_marianne ([personal profile] jenna_marianne) wrote2012-07-23 01:48 pm

Delicious: Stacks -> Tags

Back when AVOS took over Delicious, they announced this brand new feature called stacks. It was a tool to organize your bookmarked links.

Many of us long-term Delicious users wondered if the people at AVOS had ever used (or even looked at) the site, and had any familiarity with this wacky thing it'd had for years called "tags." You know, that ubiquitous bit of metadata that was a huge part of what made the site so awesome and useful?

I've mostly washed my hands of Delicious, since I didn't like the new user interface and it won't let me upload a file of my bookmarks to back up from Pinboard (it says it does, but it never works for me and I've never cared enough to try to get support for the problem).

Well, in an email yesterday entitled "Delicious Features Update" AVOS/Delicious had an amusing announcement. (bolding mine)

Consolidating Tags and Stacks

We introduced stacks last year as a visually rich way to think about your links and we've been blown away by the amazing content you've created. But given the upcoming launch of new products from Delicious' parent company, AVOS, and our focus on simplifying the Delicious site, we realized the value of stacks is limited for our users moving forward.

For this reason, we've decided to simplify how users organize links on Delicious by consolidating stacks into tags. Users will no longer be able to create stacks on Delicious starting in early August, 2012.

So what does this mean for existing stacks?
● You will not lose your links.
All stacks will be converted automatically into tags. Stack titles will transition into new tag names, and will be applied to all links currently in a stack.
● Stack-specific descriptions, categories, comments, link order, and stack followers will not be included as part of the migration.
● Your existing links, tags, and notes outside of stacks will not be affected.
● More details on the conversion process are available on our blog.

Okey-dokey then. So tl;dr, all existing stacks will be converted to tags.

Also, am I the only one to be worried by the ominous sounding "given the upcoming launch of new products from Delicious' parent company, AVOS, and our focus on simplifying the Delicious site..."

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