Jul. 23rd, 2012

jenna_marianne: line drawing of a badger with the text "Why does delicious think I'm a badger?" (delicious badger)
Back when AVOS took over Delicious, they announced this brand new feature called stacks. It was a tool to organize your bookmarked links.

Many of us long-term Delicious users wondered if the people at AVOS had ever used (or even looked at) the site, and had any familiarity with this wacky thing it'd had for years called "tags." You know, that ubiquitous bit of metadata that was a huge part of what made the site so awesome and useful?

Or tl;dr, all existing stacks will be converted to tags )

Also, am I the only one to be worried by the ominous sounding "given the upcoming launch of new products from Delicious' parent company, AVOS, and our focus on simplifying the Delicious site..."

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